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Welcome to my Series III Restoration Site

This site is dedicated to my eternal fiddling and tweaking of my 1972 Series III 109 inch Land Rover. I bought it in February 1992 and immediately set about a few repairs and a bit of tidying up and all these years later I’m still working on it! After years of minor rebuilds, in 2004 the discovery of some major corrosion led to a full ground-up rebuild. As this started, the specification started to creep, and many new features were incorporated in order to make it a highly usable combination of daily driver, family vehicle, expedition vehicle and general utility.
This multi purpose use leads to many compromises and is why the vehicle still continues to evolve after the rebuild as new ideas or new frustrations reveal themselves. I have acquired two more vehicles (the Range Rover and the Lightweight), which also have their own jobs.  They are not subject to the level of work or alteration that the 109 has been,  so they have their own smaller, more generalised blog sections.  The “how to” guides on popular repairs or modifications to all three vehicles are included in the FAQ section. Please note, I am not a trader in vehicles or parts, and am not a garage providing repair services. This site is to offer inspiration, technical information and ideas to other Land Rover enthusiasts, helping others learn from my experiences over twenty years, both positive and negative.  I write about what has and hasn’t worked for me – I cannot promise that the same ideas will work for your vehicle.
The vehicle is still an ongoing project and still gets the occasional new accessory or modification, but below is a list of alterations that make up the basic specification of the vehicle and are covered in posts in the respective subsections on the site navigation bar and menu:
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July 2016

I am back in the UK with the family for a not so summery holiday.  It’s easy to forget how changeable the weather is here!

I have been to check on the 109 and to give it a quick drive around the compound in all gear combinations to splash the oil about and prevent seizures.  The news was good – it fired up instantly again despite standing so long and having fuel over a year old, though the battery is of course drained and needing a jump start.  The fan belt squealed a bit at first, and I think the alternator bearings have been suspect for a while (since before I left for the Middle East), but everything worked exactly as it should, including the washer pumps, wipers, power steering and brakes.  In fact, the only thing amiss was the stereo having lost its settings, its display flashing in rapidly changing colours (and lots of them) in its demonstration mode.  It’s even still clean and shiny.  So, I’m very pleased at paying that bit extra for indoor storage.  It did seem a strange surprise at how cramped the driving position felt, though; after twenty three years of driving it, the last fifteen months were the only extended period of not driving a Land Rover, and getting used to a larger, more modern 4wd car has spoiled me.

I’m heading down to the Westcountry in a few days to see extended family, so will get a chance to see the Range Rover Classic spec Borg Warner transfer case and 200Tdi flex-plate/torque converter housing that were delivered to my brother’s house, and maybe go to collect the Discovery 200Tdi spec ZF22 automatic gear box that I have bought for the 109 if my brother has enough space with the other bits.  I’d be glad to have it all stored together out of harms way if it can be arranged.

Some new bits and plans

Well, there's no chance of me putting any of this into place for a very long time, but I have bought a Range Rover Classic Borg Warner transfer box and a Discovery 200Tdi ZF22 automatic gear box and associated parts for a retrofit to the 109.  Both … [Continue reading]

Brief Visit, Feb 2016

I had a fleeting visit to the UK (I requested a specific flight pair that meant I flew my folks down to Dubai personally), and used the 24 hours in the UK for a few tasks, including checking on the house and the 109.  The result is that both are … [Continue reading]

October 2015 – missing the 109

Well, it's now six months since I emigrated and I miss driving the 109. As good a car as the XC90 is, it doesn't have anywhere the character and enjoyment of a Series Land Rover or even a Defender.  I write this sitting in a Bangkok restaurant; in … [Continue reading]

New Mechanic

The 109 has a new mechanic: Helena. I moved out to Dubai two months ago, so Helena is the sole user of the 109 now.  That also means that she has to deal with any problems that come up, like a recent issue with gear selection being very difficult. … [Continue reading]