109 Off the Road Again

A couple of nasty problems have cropped up.

First, it turns out the horrible graunching noise under firm braking is not the new disc brakes binding but the diff en of the front prop shaft impacting the right hand side engine mounting bracket.  The axle wrap combined with the new diff orientation from the axle upgrade is causing this contact, despite the third leaf on the springs and the extra height from the 1-Ton spec chassis and shackles.  I need to modify the chassis and engine brackets to gain prop clearance and add some anti-wrap/tramp arms.  For the latter, I’m planning a simple pair of links between the rear spring eye bolts and brackets welded to the back edges of the bump stop pads, forming a triangle sided by the back half of the leaf springs, the axle case and the new control bars.

Secondly, third gear has failed.  Two teeth have been stripped, probably from the same gear wheel.  The box still drives, even in third (with a lot of chatter), so I’m hoping there won’t be a great deal of other damage in there.  I removed the seat base and floors, prop shafts, hand brake assembly and speedo cable on Thursday , and after withdrawing the intermediate cluster separated the gear box from the transfer box and flywheel housing, so just need to lift the separated units out to strip the gear box.  im not sure if the combination of a Tdi and 3.54 diffs has been too much strain, but other people have had this combination without trouble, so it much just be another iteration of my luck.  I’ll be taking another look at the costs of going to 4.1 diffs, though.

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  1. I had an ashcroft high ratio transfer box in my 109 200tdi conversion. Had exactly the same issue stripped 3 teeth of 3rd gear. The box was in good condition, had all new bearings and seals only 5000 miles covered since rebuild.
    It happened whilst carrying a load of scrap iron to be recycled, so was really under load. My conclusion is that the turbo conversion is not well matched to the old series drive train, probably ok for playing around but not for hard work. I downgraded to a 200DI, and also sold the ashcroft transfer box and fitted an overdrive, I just found I was spending far too much time in 3rd gear with it. I am very happy with the 200DI.

  2. Yep. I went back to the 4.71 (Series) diffs and had little more trouble, though Helena reported she had some difficulty selecting 1st and 2nd after a long trip a few months after I left the country. I suspect it’s just some dirt in the selection mechanism as she described the difficulty as feeling “up top”, rather than remote and internal, with very little movement on the stick. Any internal fault should have enough play on the shaft magnified by the lever length that it’d feel a bit vague. No more broken gears, though, and that gearing configuration was well proven in the Alps at very heavy weight on very steep hills with plenty of gear changes and use of lower (more fragile) gears.

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