109 rear diff now 4.71

Well, the title says it all.   I spent an exasperating day swapping the Salisbury diffs over again to drop the ratios.  Removing the bearings from the carriers to move the good bearings from the 3.54 unit to replace the rusted bearings on the 4.71 was a pig because I appear to have lost my puller.  I think I may have lent it to a friend a while ago, but I can’t remember.  Getting the diffs out and in was also a chore as it seems one of the mechanics at the garage that has previously lent me their axle spreader has weighed it in along with anything else he could scrap from their workshop.  I’m not sure who was more cheesed of, me or the service manager!  I got it done using brute force, a crow bar and a club hammer, but it’s not the type of engineering I like.  I plan to do the front axle tomorrow.

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  1. I do believe the service manager was less than chuffed about the disappearance of the spreader, his mood only getting worse with the same young mechanic when he decided it would be a good idea to reverse over a brand new set of KC Daylighters a customer had supplied for fitment to his 110.

    It was good to hear that you managed to get the diff swapped over despite my slide puller not doing the job on the bearings, not having an axle spreader, and having to resort to brute force all round.



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