109 Tidying Up

The transmission is all back in and the cabin rebuilt.  There is nothing really to show as the work has previously been documented in detail.

109-new-exhaust109-new-exhaust-silencerI have also fitted the new exhaust rear section, replacing the old rusted one which had corroded through along the welded seam and at the welds for the muffler box.  It now sits a little neater, but fitting was swine – the tolerances on these things must be enormous.  In the end, I had to remove the intermediate section and use a second rubber strap on the muffler bracket to get it on, then refit the intermediate section and use a couple of left over Polybushes to wedge the exhaust sections clear of chassis apertures and the rear bumperette while tightening up.  Once all fitted, I touched up the paint (I’m trying tuck bed liner for the rear section to see if it’s more resilient and to better mask the exhaust) and test run the engine to check for rattles and vibration.  It all seemed OK, so fingers crossed it’ll stay so.

The front wheels still need stripping, corrosion treatments and refinishing before getting their new tyres.  I hope to take them in this week.

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