Billing – Bits for PAS Upgrade

PAS partsI made it to the last day of the Billing show and managed to get a few good deals on steering column parts to convert the 109 to power steering.  The steering wheel is immaculate (now that it has been cleaned) and the other bits seem good.  The only snag is the column itself – I checked for free rotation and this was remarkable smooth and steady, with the column in excellent condition.  But, just after paying for it I found that the threads for the steering wheel retaining nut are absolutely wrecked.  I should have checked them too.  So, I’ll have to cut new threads and use a non-standard nut, but it’s otherwise mint.  I still need to remove the steering box and hydraulics from the donor P38.

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  1. Hi Nick,

    I hope you don’t have any dramas cutting the new thread on the column mate. I bought a few niff-naff and trivia bits for the project but couldn’t convince a trader to split the pair of Hi-Milers he had unfortunately, so my quest for one more NOS tyre continues.



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