Stronger Overdrive Casing

I have refit the original type of front casing to my Roverdrive, having suffered two broken new style casings.   The design was changed to have three milled voids to increase oil flow through the main bearing, but I found the remaining lugs that centralise the overdrive on the transfer box too weak, the upper […]

Heated WIndscreens and Side Demisting

Last winter’s driving wasn’t a great deal of fun.  I had plenty of freezing fog to deal with on my early drive to work, and scraping the windscreen at 0400 while trying to avoid waking the neighbours is bad enough, but to have to do so every fifty yards until the engine warms up is […]

Minor Trim Accessories

I finally got around to fitting the five “curry hooks” and the two cup holders I bought a few years ago from Mudstuff.  The hooks around the gutter rail, for hanging jackets and the like, are secured with the screws that hold the headlining in place – I just had to drill one central hole […]

Masai Windows

I have just fitted the new Masai rear windows.  I’m not a massive fan of their look, but they’re OK on black vehicles.  The reason I went for them is that they are more secure than the standard windows, have no seals to perish and split, and they hide the corrosion that is starting to […]

Personalised 109

Well, most Land Rovers get personalised in some way or another, and this 109 is already an extreme example of that.  But you can always go that little bit further… I have just received and fitted a personalised badge for the rear of the 109.  It’s made of marine grade alloy and has been CNC […]