Defender Side Window Seal Replacement

The off-side sliding side window developped an annoying occasional knock from the upper forward corner (in other words, the piece of glazing closest to my ears – typical).  It was the sliding glass pane rattling against the curved corner of the frame.  The cause is the thinning of the felt in the glass’ track, due […]

Improved Washer jets

The washer jets fitted to SII and SIII Land rovers are fairly meagre.  They do the job, but much of the initial spray just hits the wiper arm and gets splashed around everywhere but the screen itself.  They are also very prone to freezing up in winter.  Even worse was the popular conversion using agricultural […]

Wiper System Replacement

This job was done in the intervening days between removing and refitting the turbo charger, and it was horrible – not so much the amount of work involved but the fact it had to be done outdoors in sub-zero conditions! I had hoped it’d be a relatively simple affair to replace the wiper spindle boxes […]

Getting Noticed

With the long dark nights and wet weather of winter, it seemed a good idea to do something to make the car a bit more easily visible at night.  While the wheels are painted silver and the side sills have been left bare in their galvanised coat, the black paint makes the vehicle harder to […]

Getting Noticed

The recent accident was a bit of a wake up call to improve my rear lighting. Even though the car that I hit was not indicating and didn’t have its brake lights on, the incident highlighted that clear and obvious brake lights would be a significant improvement over the rather pathetic lights fitted to Series […]

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