109 New Axle Update

The new axles seem to be working well, with no worring noises or issues.  The steering is much more precise than before, with very little wander or down-camber pull, and it is a little lighter at low speed, though not quite as much as I’d hoped.  The turning circle is vastly improved, and braking is […]

Braking Sorted

I wasn’t happy at all with yesterdays braking tests, even though they were OK for the MoT.  A long drive this morning on deserted roads to bed the brakes in resulted in only the smallest improvement.

109 Post Axle Fitting

Today I finished bleeding the brakes, adding the Discovery reservoir cap and level sensor to the existing brake failure warning circuit, and took the 109 for an inspection at my local MoT station for a thorough check of all the work.  The result was good with a very contented verdict.  The brake test, carried out […]

Defender, Discovery I and Range Rover Classic Brake Calliper Overhaul

While most owners are aware of the fact that brake pads and discs degrade with age, use and corrosion, many don’t realise how badly callipers, especially their pistons, can also degrade.  Bad callipers can leak or have pistons which are seized, either preventing the pads being pressed aginst the disc, or in partial seizures, pressing […]

Brake Calliper Replacement

I had rebuilt the callipers on the 200Tdi Discovery front axle for the 109, but they are the twin-hose type connected to both hydraulic circuits.  While this would work fine on the vehicle, it would require installation of a second brake line to the front callipers, with another pair of brake hoses running from the […]