A Bump in the Road – Antiroll Bar Glitch

I have bought the new rod ends for the antiroll bar vertical links, fitting them to the rods with some coper grease on the threads to make sure future replacement is easy. The chassis mounting brackets came back from the fabricator and he did a great job on them, including spraying them with Galvafroid. The […]

Completed Accident Repairs

Apart from the plastic wheel arch spat, which has a small 3″ gouge, all the accident damage had been rectified. This included fitting new fog and reverse lights on the right hand side, new chequer plates, a new tub cross member and a new reversing sensor system (the old system had a wrecked sensor and […]


Well, the insurers have been very reasonable, allowing me to choose where it was repaired and not messing me about over costs, values and so on – it pays to have an agreed value policy on older vehicles. I’m glad about the no-claims bonus protection, too. My friend Alun at Rogers of Bedford repaired the […]


Not a good day. On the way home from work, I had a little knock. It’s done a fair bit of damage to the rear offside corner (not to mention the other car). The important thing is none of the three of us in the two cars were hurt in any way. I was on […]

Gearbox Removal

Most of this task went easily enough, though removing the Wright Off Road matting adds a small amount of extra effort. The floor panels, tunnel cover, prop shafts, hand brake rods, speedo cable and bell housing bolts were al removed as normal, and the Roverdrive was separated to allow space for the gearbox assembly to […]