PAS: Defender upper column completed

There isn’t a lot to say here, because it was just the completion of the groundwork set by the last few days.  The stalk switches are all wired up and tested, and I resolved the malfunctioning of the “Smart Screen” intermittent wiper and auto wipe with washer jet box (bypassed to original SIII function yesterday), […]

Split Washer Bottle

The Defender reservoir bottle for the windscreen washers has split along its bottom seam.  Why, I don’t know – it hasn’t been hit or exposed to anything other than mild temperatures.  As a temporary repair, I removed the bottle, put it through the dishwasher and then sealed the split with a 1/2″ wide, 1/8″ thick […]

Aaarrggghh!!! Bloody Land Rovers!

OK, clearly not a happy update!  In a nutshell, the 109 seems to be trying to commit suicide at the moment.  

Heated WIndscreens and Side Demisting

Last winter’s driving wasn’t a great deal of fun.  I had plenty of freezing fog to deal with on my early drive to work, and scraping the windscreen at 0400 while trying to avoid waking the neighbours is bad enough, but to have to do so every fifty yards until the engine warms up is […]

109 Wipers

Ever since the big rebuild, the wind screen wipers have been prone to over-sweeping on a wet screen, especially at high speed.  I thought it might be due to worn wiper arms or spindle boxes, so they were replaced with brand new Genuine Parts some time ago, even though new parts had been fitted during […]

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