Range Rover Classic/ Discovery I Door Lock Repair

Central locking failure is not uncommon on old Range Rovers and Discoverys, but it’s seldom a serious or expensive issue.  Normally, the failure will result in the lock actuator still moving (which is what makes the noise) and trying to operate the door lock, but the lock lever doesn’t move through its full range.  This […]

Defender, Discovery I and Range Rover Classic Brake Calliper Overhaul

While most owners are aware of the fact that brake pads and discs degrade with age, use and corrosion, many don’t realise how badly callipers, especially their pistons, can also degrade.  Bad callipers can leak or have pistons which are seized, either preventing the pads being pressed aginst the disc, or in partial seizures, pressing […]

Bleeding Twin Leading Shoe Front Brakes (SIII 109″ and 1980+ 88″)

Bleeding is always a problem on these twin leading shoe systems.  I tried bleeding conventionally with the units in place, but predictably it didn’t work, so I had to go through my usual and long winded bleeding method using an Ezibleed (a bottle pressurised by tyre pressure) and a draining jar with clear hose to […]

Tdi transplants – wiring up the engine

A common question asked on internet forums and occasionally be email to me is how to wire up a Tdi fitted to a Series vehicle.  In short, it’s simpler than you might think. If starting with a petrol powered vehicle, you have it especially easy. Petrol: The battery cable needs to be run directly to […]

Wiring up a Tdi Conversion

With Tdi conversions to SIIIs becoming ever more popular, it makes sense to give a dedicated guide as to how I wired mine up. It’s not the only way, but it works perfectly and reliably, and uses the standard loom. My vehicle was originally a petrol model, and this affects a few bits of the […]