Preparing for a Holiday

My family and I are going to France for a camping holiday this summer – nothing as adventurous as last year’s trip, but it’ll be a fun and relaxing break. We’ll be taking the 109, so I’m doing a few little jobs to make sure it’s ready. It have given it a service, and while […]

Fitting Reversing Sensors

Since I have had to replace the complete reversing sensor and alarm system due to damage to the old system during the February 2009 accident, I decided to make a guide of what’s involved in fitting a system to a Series vehicle. They’re good accessories, helping with parking or manoeuvring in tight spaces, increasing safety […]

Fitting Reverse Lights

I have been asked to show how to fit reverse lights to a Series Land Rover, such that they illuminate automatically, not needing the driver to operate any switches. Provision was made for this on all later SIIIs, with suffix D and later gear boxes, but it is a simple job to fit a similar […]

How the Gearbox Selectors and Detents Work

For the benefit of those who suffer gear selection or jumping issues, this is a quick post with some photos of the selector mechanisms. The gear stick sits in a pivot level with the gearbox tunnel cover. The stick extends a little further through this ball, where it sits in a row of three steel […]

Timing Tools – Flywheel Locking

We all know special tools are hard to find and expensive, but here’s a tip for locking flywheels on 4 cylinder LR engines:  get hold of a failed (or new if you don’t mind spending a few pounds) LT77 or R380 reverse light switch (Defender, Discovery and Range Rover Classic) and snip the wires off.  […]

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