June 2019 Update

I have just visited the storage compound to pay the annual bill and exercise the 109 to splash the oil about and keep everything moving.

109 Fuel Boost Diaphragm

The RRC already had an issue with the fuel injection pump not responding to turbo charger output before it came off the road.  that was recently sorted out, as per a previous post (stuck pin at the base of the boost plunger).  Well, the 109 has had similar symptoms since before the turbo failed; a […]

All Stop!

Another failure on the way to work, and as it happens, on the same hill where the third gear stripped its teeth last year.  This time, the fuel solenoid bunt out and shut off the fuel to the injection pump just as I was crossing a busy cross road, but I was lucky to have […]

New Stereo and Clutch Issues

I was getting increasingly poor radio reception, with interference from the heater fan motor, wiper motor and electric radiator fan, and decided that while it was almost certainly a fault with the antenna or cable, an upgrade to DAB would make my commute to work more bearable. I checked the stereo end of the antenna […]

109 July 2012 Update

The 109 is going well at the moment, though a new small puddle under the off-side swivel housing seemed ominous.  The swivel seal had allowed EP90 to escape into the concertina rubber gaiter, and it was dripping out of a new small hole in the seam (the gaiter is glued at a joint at the […]