October 2015 – missing the 109

Well, it’s now six months since I emigrated and I miss driving the 109. As good a car as the XC90 is, it doesn’t have anywhere the character and enjoyment of a Series Land Rover or even a Defender.  I write this sitting in a Bangkok restaurant; in the last six months I have visited […]

Road Legal Again

Having finished the last details on the PAS conversion, the 109 was booked in for MoT test (annual safety check, for non-UK readers).  The old check expired at the end of December, but UK rules allow the vehicle to be driven to a testing station as long as a booking has been made and insurance […]

PAS box and drag link installed

The PAS box and drag link have been fitted today.  The box was installed with 12.8 high tensile M12 bolts.  I used cap head bolts as there was little clearance between the chassis faces and bolt holes for a hex head and less still for a socket to fit over the head.  The nuts were […]

PAS: Defender upper column (part 1)

I have taken a template and measurements of the parts required for the PAS box to the local engineering shop, and expect to have the plate and four gussets by the weekend.  They will also be able to tap threads inside the P38 drag link once I cut it to size.  Big progress has been […]

December 2014 Update

First, sorry for the lack of recent news or posts.  The simple truth is that I have been really busy of late between work, a family holiday, and a lot of interviewing and assessment for new jobs, one of which was offered but the conditions weren’t adequate and the other which I expect to get […]

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