Goodbye to the LIghtweight

A hard decision was made to sell Helena’s Lightweight, and a buyer approached us before it was even formally up for sale.  In preparation, I removed the rocker cover and, in sequence, removed each head bolt for cleaning, light oiling and re-torquing before resetting all the tappet clearances.  A few of the tappets were too […]

Lightweight at Billing

We took the Lightweight to the Billing show on the Saturady (I was working the Friday and Sunday).  It was a close run thing – the engine has started playing up again.  When pulling hard in upper gears, the engine is down on power and sounds like it’s detonating, sounding similar to a card being […]

Lightweight Update

The new rear springs have eliminated most of the lean and have transformed the vehicle’s ride – it’s immeasurably more comfortable over bumps in the road, not far off the 109’s HD parabolics and HD gas dampers. The clunk from the back end when taking up drive, which is suspected to be a diff fault, […]

Lightweight Suspension Spring Change

The new springs arrived and were left to soak in used engine oil to lubricate and, more importantly, protect them.  The new springs were compared with the more cambered old spring and that appears to be of the correct shape, so I’ll be keeping it as a spare (it has been soaked too).

Lightweight Lean

Well, it’s not the bushes… After measuring the distance between the centreline on the front bolts for the rear springs and tyhe chassis rail, and getting a measurement of within 1/8″, I removed the rear springs to set about replacing their bushes.  Once they were clear of the vehicle, I put them side by side […]