Wiper Over-sweep Fix and New Thermostat

Ever since the big rebuild, the 109’s wipers have over-swept the screen when wet, especially at speeds of over 40 mph.  This not only damaged the paint of the wind screen frame, but also wrecked the wiper blades and made a loud noise on each over-run.  In the past I have tried several rectifications, including […]

Heated WIndscreens and Side Demisting

Last winter’s driving wasn’t a great deal of fun.  I had plenty of freezing fog to deal with on my early drive to work, and scraping the windscreen at 0400 while trying to avoid waking the neighbours is bad enough, but to have to do so every fifty yards until the engine warms up is […]

Snow Cowl

I have just installed my Christmas present – a Mudstuff UK snow cowl.  The idea is to prevent snow from freezing over the intake, blocking it and making the heater inoperative just when it is most needed, but should also help with a minor issue when fitting Defender heaters to Series vehicles; the heater’s blocker […]

A Few Jobs Done

I have finally polished the rear door, leaving only the front edge of the left wing and a few blemishes on the bonnet and bulkhead to do. It’s a job that I’ve been putting off, partly due to the weather, but mainly due to the hatred I have now for working or even thinking about […]

Fitting a Defender Heater

This entry is largely in response to frequently asked questions on Land Rover forums about fitting later heaters to SIIIs in an effort to improve airflow and heating capacity. Defender heater units are vastly superior to the SIII units, and are an upgrade that should be high on most peoples’ list. The Defender unit differs […]