March 2017 Update

I have just been back to check on the 109 and give it a quick drive around the compound.  It is a bit manic doing an eight hour overnight flight (over 11 hours on duty, including the pre and post flight tasks), getting to Birmingham, collecting the hire car, rushing to the crew hotel for […]

Defender 90 Diff Repair

Ever since we bought the 90, there has been a fault with the rear diff.  It wasn’t noticed for a long time because it was only apparent on a long run when the axle’s oil was fully warmed up.  Initially, once the rattling sound was noticed, we had thought it to be a rattle on […]

Defender 90 XS April 2014 Update

  The 90 had a minor few noise issues.  A slight rattly noise at idle required investigation, and when I lifted the bonnet, I found the noise to be coming from the TDCI’s turbocharger.  Fearing a huge bill, I was pleased to determine it was just a rattle from the heat shield.  The shield is […]

90 Gets a Snorkel

  Now that Helena’s new insurance policy is in place, I have been able to fit the Safari Snorkel; with the delivery delays of the vehicle, we have actually owned the snorkel longer than the car.

Shopping Around – Insurance

We have an expensive December in this household – not only Christmas, but the insurance for all the cars and the MoTs and road tax for the 90.  At least the 109 is tax exempt… The advice is always to shop around for insurance, and boy is it good advice.  The 90 cost about £350 […]

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