Daylight view of the new Steering Wheel and Column

Just a little post for some clearer images of the completed interior work for the steering upgrade:

PAS: Defender upper column completed

There isn’t a lot to say here, because it was just the completion of the groundwork set by the last few days.  The stalk switches are all wired up and tested, and I resolved the malfunctioning of the “Smart Screen” intermittent wiper and auto wipe with washer jet box (bypassed to original SIII function yesterday), […]

109 Soundproofing

The 109’s interior noise has been well reduced by the Wright Off Road matting system ever since the build, but with the Tdi engine and overdrive, noise levels are still an issue.  Maybe I have become used to the levels in Helena’s 90XS and previously the Range Rover, maybe I’m just getting old, but with […]

Cleaning Up the Wright OFF Road Trim

OK, here’s a lesson to all of you – don’t use proprietary car cleaning products with silicone on car trim of light colour.  I used Autoglym vinyl care spray on the Wright OFF Road matting in the 109, and over the years it stained it a less attractive brown and gave it a fairly glossy […]

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Well, I wasn’t!  As I mentioned last week, the foam cushion in the driver’s seat back had split along the left side vertical frame, giving a twist to the seating position, losing lumbar support and looking pretty terrible too.

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