Range Rover Restoration, April 2023

The Range Rover is continuing to be worked on in my absence.  The chassis and shell have been separated and the exterior panels have been going through their preparation for repainting, including the removal of what little corrosion there was, sorting a few small dents and welding up the hole in the roof that was […]

Range Rover Restoration

The Range Rover has been slowly deteriorating ever since I left the UK eight years ago.  Well, it was deteriorating long before that too, but leaving it half stripped down for restoration in a garage that isn’t as well ventilated as I’d like hasn’t been doing it any favours. The plan had been to do […]

Range Rover Injection Pump

The RRC’s 300Tdi fuel injection pump had to be repaired soon after I got it.  It was bought second hand from a chap with a newly cast engine that the REME scrapped.  The pump was brand new and so a deal was struck.  Immediately on fitting it became apparent why the engine had been cast […]

Range Rover April 2014 Update

The Range Rover engine is all but complete.  I just need to refit the injection pump and the timing belt before fitting the front cover and exterior pulleys and belts.  But the injection pump needs overhaul first, and since that isn’t cheap, it has to wait.  In the mean time, I attached the reworked front […]

Range Rover Engine Build

The engine arrived back from Turner Engineering a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, I have been slowly building it back up with all the ancilliaries.