Personalised 109

Well, most Land Rovers get personalised in some way or another, and this 109 is already an extreme example of that.  But you can always go that little bit further… I have just received and fitted a personalised badge for the rear of the 109.  It’s made of marine grade alloy and has been CNC […]

Global Roamerdrive (formerly Roverdrive) Review

Designed as a successor to the very old but successful Fairey overdrive, offered by Land Rover as an option since the days of the Series I, the Roamerdrive is a very tough unit which gives similar performance benefits to the older unit but with much less noise.  Gear selection is notchier, even when bedded in, […]

Mudstuff Centre Console

Designed for the pre 2002 Defenders , it fits the SIII well too.  There may be minor fit issues on most SIIIs; I had already fitted the grey plastic back trim panel and rigid parcel shelf edging from a Defender, so SIII owners may have a small gap to fill where the console passes over […]

Wright Off Road Interior Trim Review

Designed by Drew Wright (hence the company name), this product has been available for Series II and III Land Rovers and most Defenders for quite some time.  The cab kit comprises a trio of a single seat base cover, floor and tunnel cover and a central bulkhead panel.  The entire seat base is covered by […]

Heystee (TI Console) Parabolic Springs Review

Now about fifteen years old and having covered well over 150,000 miles, occasionally very heavily laden, my TI Console Stage II heavy duty springs have stood up extraordinarily well.  A production error in an early batch led to the failure of a single spring eye (this was the supply of slightly oversized bushes and not […]