Road Legal Again

Having finished the last details on the PAS conversion, the 109 was booked in for MoT test (annual safety check, for non-UK readers).  The old check expired at the end of December, but UK rules allow the vehicle to be driven to a testing station as long as a booking has been made and insurance […]

PAS finishing jobs

The PAS is up and running.  The last few tidying up jobs are nearly done.

PAS installation completed

Well, it’s in and working.  I got the hydraulic lines back and installed them to make sure that no dirt could enter the steering box.  With them in place, I cleaned up the P38 lower steering column and remove the three pinch bolts from the splined sections, making sure the slip joint for length adjustment […]

PAS box and drag link installed

The PAS box and drag link have been fitted today.  The box was installed with 12.8 high tensile M12 bolts.  I used cap head bolts as there was little clearance between the chassis faces and bolt holes for a hex head and less still for a socket to fit over the head.  The nuts were […]

PAS box bracket

The PAS box bracket is now fitted to the chassis.  It’s a 6mm steel plate pre-drilled for the box’s bolts (12mm), welded around its perimeter and then reinforced with gussets from each corner across the top and bottom of the chassis.  The chassis was drilled top and bottom in the centre of the areas defined […]