PAS Pump

The PAS pump is now mounted.  I used a length of 50 x 6mm bar and 2mm sheet to make up the bracket, and the original front mounting plate from the 4.6l V8 engine to secure the front end.  The back plate of the bracket was fixed in place and the pump position marked on […]

Daylight view of the new Steering Wheel and Column

Just a little post for some clearer images of the completed interior work for the steering upgrade:

PAS: Defender upper column completed

There isn’t a lot to say here, because it was just the completion of the groundwork set by the last few days.  The stalk switches are all wired up and tested, and I resolved the malfunctioning of the “Smart Screen” intermittent wiper and auto wipe with washer jet box (bypassed to original SIII function yesterday), […]

PAS: Defender upper column (part 2)

A little more progress today.  I installed the column lower mounting bracket (another coat of Schutz is needed on the steering box mount where the box used to sit), finished modifying the wiring from the column switches to fit the SIII wiring loom (including swapping around a few colours for the wash/wipe switch), sourced a […]

PAS: Defender upper column (part 1)

I have taken a template and measurements of the parts required for the PAS box to the local engineering shop, and expect to have the plate and four gussets by the weekend.  They will also be able to tap threads inside the P38 drag link once I cut it to size.  Big progress has been […]

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