New Rear Dampers

While replacing the rear diff, I removed the tops of the rear ProComp dampers to fit new rubber boots, with the plan of adding some oil to lubricate the pistons in the top seals to stop them creaking so loudly.  The left damper was fine and the plan worked perfectly, but when I removed the […]

109 Off the Road Again

A couple of nasty problems have cropped up.

109 New Axle Update

The new axles seem to be working well, with no worring noises or issues.  The steering is much more precise than before, with very little wander or down-camber pull, and it is a little lighter at low speed, though not quite as much as I’d hoped.  The turning circle is vastly improved, and braking is […]

109 Post Axle Fitting

Today I finished bleeding the brakes, adding the Discovery reservoir cap and level sensor to the existing brake failure warning circuit, and took the 109 for an inspection at my local MoT station for a thorough check of all the work.  The result was good with a very contented verdict.  The brake test, carried out […]

Adding a Spring Leaf

The 109 has TI Console (Heystee) parabolic springs.  The rear springs are 4-leaf heavy duty spec, and always have been.  The front springs, however, are only available in standard duty 2-leaf spec.  The extra weight of the 109’s fittings, accessories and trim are a bit much for standard rate springs, but further more, since fitting […]

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