109 Salisbury ATB and 4.1:1 Gears

Well, I bit the bullet last summer and ordered an Ashcroft Transmissions ATB for the Salisbury axle, a new product from them that has been on the cards for them for the last couple of years.  This is made to replace the Salisbury 8HA as used in Defender 110s and 130s rather than that used […]

New Fairey Overdrive

A few years ago, for a project I could do overseas and also to have a spare, I bought another Fairey overdrive.  It was bought unseen as a noisy but serviceable unit.  Yeah… I spent a couple of months of late 2022 stripping and inspecting the unit before deciding what to do with it.  It […]

109 front Final drive unit, ATB and 4.1:1

I have completed the refurbishment of the second hand final drive unit and 4.1:1 gear set with the Ashcroft ATB.  The axle will get Ashcroft 24-23 spline shafts to make it all fit later. The used assembly was sourced locally and was from a late Discovery with the Rotoflex coupling. The centralising spigot in the […]

109 Differentials, Oct 2020

Still being overseas and away from my vehicles, there hasn’t been much to report, especially since I can’t even travel back to give it a quick drive and check over. Those who have read this blog in the past will be aware that I find the 109 undergeared with the Tdi, overdrive and otherwise standard […]

March 2017 Update

I have just been back to check on the 109 and give it a quick drive around the compound.  It is a bit manic doing an eight hour overnight flight (over 11 hours on duty, including the pre and post flight tasks), getting to Birmingham, collecting the hire car, rushing to the crew hotel for […]