Gear Box Dec 2014

I have finally removed,stripped, assessed and rebuilt the box today, save for the cast iron front cover inside the bell housing, which needs a new seal as the old one has a blemish where it contacts the input pinion and is weeping into the bell housing through the drain hole in the bottom of the clutch release bearing guide tube.

The main shaft rear bearing seems fine and the roller bearing between the main shaft and input pinion seemed OK, but the pinion bearing was awfully notchy and the lay shaft front bearing not much better, and there was a fair amount of silver flaking inside the cast front cover ahead of these bearings.  The lay shaft rear bearing looked alright, but the plastic cage for the rollers was tight on the inner race, resisting free rotation.  I have replaced all but the main rear bearing.  Everything else looked fine, so all has been reassembled except that front cover, which will take moments once I get the new seal.  So, another week over Christmas of public transport to and from the airport for work, then…

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  1. Hi Nick,

    I’m glad to hear that you didn’t find any major problems inside the gearbox mate. It’s a shame you didn’t have a spare input seal on the shelf in your garage so you could finish up and get the box back in.



  2. I ordered one from Dunsfold LR, so it should be here early next week. In the mean time, I’ll be able to replace the exhaust tail section which has rusted through – I got the replacement today and sprayed the welds with Zinc 182 before spraying the whole thing with VHT silver paint. Hopefully it’ll last a bit better than the first one, which has rusted along all the welds and seams. I’m working all net week except Christmas day, so refitting the box may take a while.

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