PAS box and drag link installed

The PAS box and drag link have been fitted today.  The box was installed with 12.8 high tensile M12 bolts.  I used cap head bolts as there was little clearance between the chassis faces and bolt holes for a hex head and less still for a socket to fit over the head.  The nuts were secured with high strength Locktite thread lock.


With the box installed, I mocked up the hydraulic hoses using the end fittings and sections of hose from the P38 lines to then took the pattern to a local hydraulic specialist (they should be ready by lunch tomorrow).  The low pressure return line to the reservoir has been spun through 180 degrees and just needs a Jubilee clip on the reservoir end.  The high pressure line needs to come forward from the side of the pump and through the oil cooler lines before attaching to the original inlet pipe and banjo – the direct hose I had been considering would be in the way of the washer bottle, which will be refitted above the steering box.

With that arranged, I took the P38 drag link, which needed shortening by 3.5″ to fit the Discovery axle’s track and steering arm position, to Hogarth Engineering (Patriot accessories parent company), who had made up the PAS box bracket sections.  Paul (the boss) cut the rod and tapped the internal threads out on the spot for me, so I was unexpectedly able to fit the bar this afternoon.  I did have a struggle with the threads of the ball joints and their nuts, but I managed to clean them up well enough to get them back together.  The rusted ball joints were cleaned with the wire wheel in the grinder (running properly again after repair) and then opened up for cleaning and regreasing before new rubber boots were fitted.  The clean metal was sprayed with red oxide before fitting the rod to the vehicle.  Like the bottom end of the PAS box (and its fixings), it’ll be painted in Schutz for rust protection and to smarten it up.  The drag link is length adjustable at the box end, and that will need tuning, but at least it is fitted and roughly the correct length.

The plan for tomorrow is to fit the hydraulic lines and the lower steering column, which still needs a hole cutting in the wing.  The back is broken on the job, just the small stuff left now.

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