PAS finishing jobs

The PAS is up and running.  The last few tidying up jobs are nearly done.

I spent the day fabricating cover panels for the steering box and column.  In the end, I made them both from steel sheet, having made card board templates to find the shapes and dimensions required to get a tight fit.  The column cover is tapered from the foot well and replaces the original steering box cover outright.  I think they came out looking very neat, considering they were bent over the edge of a bench and beaten with a club hammer to get sharp bends.   Both covers were fabricated and then positioned for drilling the holes in the inner wing for fixings.  Rivnuts have been used in the inner wing for all but the front of the box cover (uses the two lowest rad panel bolts) and the bottom bolt for the foot well end of the column cover, which uses the same bolt as the old box cover (in line with the mud shield lower bolts).  Both were then sprayed with red oxide and have been given several coats of gloss black.  I also fabricated a clamp for the P38 drag link to mount the steering damper.  It’s just a piece of 2″x2″ steel angle of 1/4″ thickness.  It is clamped to the drag link using U-bolts, and closely resembles the various after-market products from Devon 4×4, Bearmach and so on.

Once the red oxide had been applied to the covers, I left them to dry and set about refitting the washer bottle on the new mountings and connected it up.  It’s a bit close to the stowed bonnet stay when the bonnet is down, but I have little choice where to put it.  It seems to be OK, though.

The covers are on and covered in Schutz, the wheel refitted and the stop locks adjusted to the travel of the steering damper (the damper is correctly centralised).  It needs an MoT, so that will be done this week and the car should be back on the road..  It’ll be interesting to see how it feels to drive with the PAS after decades of driving it with the standard system.

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