Personalised 109

Well, most Land Rovers get personalised in some way or another, and this 109 is already an extreme example of that.  But you can always go that little bit further…

I have just received and fitted a personalised badge for the rear of the 109.  It’s made of marine grade alloy and has been CNC achined to exactly mimic the dimensions and font of the additional badges used on SII and SIII Station Wagons and on limited edition Defenders, right down to the detail of having the upper line in slightly smaller text than the lower line.  I had the Tdi part of the badge done with lower case “di” to match Land Rover’s format for the stickers on all their vehicles powered by Tdi engines, rather than sticking to capitals there too.  I think it looks absolutely authentic.  I fitted it by using double-sided neoprene tape, as used for sticking number plates (I have large rolls of the stuff), fixing it in place, then drilling the holes through the bodywork to fit the two alloy 5mm rivets as used in the upper badge.  The hardest part of the job was removing the stainless GB badges to make enough room and then making up new self-adhesive backings for them with three layers of that same neoprene tape!

The badge was only ordered on Friday, and received today (the following Wednesday), delivered by registered post and extremely well packaged: as well as being wrapped and then put in a Jiffy Bag padded envelope, it was taped to a plywood backing board to make sure it couldn’t be damaged in the post.  It even comes with a note detailing the materials used and some long-term care instructions.  All of this cost £25, including the delivery and VAT, and you can have whatever you like written on the badge – I got the idea from a member of the Lightweight Land Rover Club who had a similar badge made up with his name and “3.5 LITRE V8”, but as the badges are machined to order, the choice is limitless (though I hope profanities would probably be refused).

I really can’t say how impressed I am with the quality of the badge and the service, so here’s a little plug: contact Gavin by email at .

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  1. Looks good mate,

    Will have to get one ordered for my lightweight.



  2. is there a website for this chap or is he email only?

  3. E-mail only at the moment.


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