Range Rover Injection Pump

The RRC’s 300Tdi fuel injection pump had to be repaired soon after I got it.  It was bought second hand from a chap with a newly cast engine that the REME scrapped.  The pump was brand new and so a deal was struck.  Immediately on fitting it became apparent why the engine had been cast – the pump squirted fuel but its timing was completely wrong and it couldn’t be set to the engine’s timing.  Presumably the REME had already had injection problems on their engine, fitted this pump and subsequently given up.

I had Diesel Bob Tuning rebuild the bottom end, having been very satisfied with the 109’s pump.  The RR fired up and ran smoothly, but had no power.  After adjusting the fuelling settings to no avail, I came to the conclusion that the boost section of the pump was seized.

I spoke to Diesel Bob today to get some advice before starting work on the 109 (the fault on that vehicle transpiring to be the turbo rather than fuel system), but took the opportunity to get some advice on this pump too – I wish I had asked him to rebuild the entire pump rather than just set up its timing,

Bob described how the diaphragm and plunger system works, and so I dismantled the throttle quadrant arms to get to the anodised plug on the front of the diaphragm “tower”, which covers the front end of the horizontal rod actuated by the plunger attached to the diaphragm.  This occasionally seizes, and was indeed the cause of my trouble.  With the plug removed from the front of the tower and the diaphragm and plunger removed from the top, I was able to free the plunger and lubricate it, so the pump should now act normally.  I have set the plunger at mid range, so the steep and near flat faces of the taper face either side of the tower and the plunger acts on a medium profile.  Once the engine is installed and running, I’ll be able to adjust it properly to get reasonable performance, but I’m not after a road burner, I’ll be looking for standard performance and little smoke.

At least that job seems to have gone well and within my capabilities, saving me several hundred pounds that I was already expecting to spend on having it rebuilt.  The money has already gone on the 109’s turbo instead…

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