Road Legal Again

Having finished the last details on the PAS conversion, the 109 was booked in for MoT test (annual safety check, for non-UK readers).  The old check expired at the end of December, but UK rules allow the vehicle to be driven to a testing station as long as a booking has been made and insurance is still valid.

The 109 passed with no advisories; a clean sheet.  And oh, does it drive differently!  I can now turn the steering with one finger with the vehicle stationary, never mind with one hand at walking pace.  It’s light and fairly precise – it still has a bit of camber following requiring up slope correction, and I’m sure that is down to the suspension allowing a small amount of lateral axle movement, which has the effect of making a down slope steering input, but it’s not much more than on the 90, so fitting a panhard rod would be relatively pointless.

I am very pleased with the results of the PAS.  It is a doddle to drive and will be well worth the effort in the long run.  Being able to change gear while manouvering is quite bizarre, and I suspect that stiff shoulders will be less common from now on.  It also means we can now sell the 90 in preparation for our emigration.


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  1. Hi Nick,

    I’ve been quietly following along on here with your progress, outside of our conversations. It was great to see the 109 pulling into our yard this evening as it meant everything was completed and you had a fresh MOT on the vehicle.

    It was a good job it was dark when you pulled in, as if it was daylight I would have wasted a fair bit of your time as I crawled over and under your 109 getting eyes on the conversion. Your steering is lighter at standstill than that of my 90.

    Well done on achieving it mate.



  2. Thanks, Neil. The advantage of having a closer look over here would be the mug of tea while we talk nuts and bolts…

  3. Now that sounds like a good plan, roll on the lighter evenings!


  4. Nick,

    Congratulations on another inspiring project completed.


  5. Thanks, Ian. It’s always nice to hear such things from another mug who rebuilds and modifies Land Rovers to a high standard.

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