Roverdrive Refitted

Sorry, no pictures as I didn’t have the camera handy, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen already.  The relevant pictures were on the previous overdrive thread showing the changeover of the front casings of the unit.

I have refitted the overdrive for use on fast roads.  To do so was a tad more involved than the usual installation as a couple of the holes for the studs in the transfer case had stripped threads, so I had to drill them larger and fit Helicoil inserts.  I had to use M10s as I couldn’t find the correct Whitworth 3/8″ inserts.  I used cap headed (allen key) bolts as they fit between the cooling fins on the casing.  Other than that, it was a straight forward fit.

It does increase gear noise a fair bit.  Evidently, the profiles oft he main gear teeth are slightly off from the original input gear, as it howls a bit both engaged and disengaged.  It’s not the bearings; they’re brand new NSK items. I used o-rings and washers on the rose (Heim) joints on the selector rod to get rid of the rattles.  It works fine and reduces engine noise at 60 mph considerably, so despite the increased gear noise, overall levels are reduced.  It’s still too noisy to maintain 70mph for long periods, but that’s mostly tyre and wind noise.

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  1. Fingers crossed that it stays reliable this time. Had to laugh at the too noisy at 70mph, our 109″ is too noisy at 50mph 😉

  2. Thanks Ian. With all the mods, it’s easy yo forget this is (mostly) a 42 year old basic spec Land Rover under the skin!

  3. Hi Nick,

    I’m happy to hear that you’ve got the Roverdrive back on mate. The grumpy old man over the road from me often comes over to tell me that my Lightweight is too noisy on idle.



  4. Give it some welly and show him that it is quiet on idle!

  5. Already guilty of that one mate.


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