The Borg Warner Unit and Tdi-ZF4HP22 Plate

Just a quick couple of photos to show the Borg Warner transfer box and the torque converter housing (to take the  place of the existing flywheel housing) to mate the ZF auto box to the 200Tdi.

Borg-Warner-boxThe Borg Warner unit has the same low ratio as any LT230, but has the 1.22 hi range ratio used on most RRCs and Discovery Is.  Unlike the LT230 or the Series transfer box, it uses epicyclic reduction gears for low range, that set being locked for high range, and the output of that gear set is connected to the output shaft by a chain, so it is much quieter.  It has a centre diff like the LT230, but that has a viscous coupling on the front output shaft to make is function as a limited slip diff, so there is no diff lock control.

200tdi-torque-converter-houThe torque converter housing is much thinner than the manual flywheel housing.  That is important for correct alignment of the torque converter.  It’ll also help save a little space during the conversion – the ZF box is much longer than a Series box, so the engine and transmission will be a tight fit between the 2nd and 5th cross embers (the one with the steering relay and the one behind the transmission).

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  1. Hi Nick ,it is nice see same one do same things as me , I also did conversion of my 2a 109 NADA to V8 4.0L Gem engine and auto transmission plus coil springs, axles from Discovery and more room for my 6 feet body to fit in series 2a. Well took me 3 years to complete this , but is now fan driving this truck . Well Land Rover make this trucks be customized for need of owners and we do that.

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