109 Running Report, July 2011

Not much has been done of late.  I have replaced the front seat base cushion foams with new from Exmoor Trim, but other than that, it’s all running as normal.

I have collected the custom U-bolts and modified half shafts for the axle swap, but I doubt I’ll have a chance to fit the axles this year, deferred again, this time because we’ll be moving home.  I think I have nearly everything I need for the swap, with the exception of centre bolts/locating pins for the addition of the third front spring leafs (standard LR ones are too thick for the holes in the parabolics) and the extra hoses for the front brakes.

I’m still assessing different ways of being able to retain rear storage space and use the folding Trakker seats – I’d like to regain their use and refit them.  I think that I’ll eventually replace the Bareboxes on the wheel arches with the seats and fit a Drawer unit from Mobile Storage Systems or Nene Overland (I like theirs more, to be honest), removing the folding legs on the seats and altering their hinges sot hat the seats fold directly down onto the top of the drawer unit.  The problem is fixing the seat belt buckles – I can’t see the drawer lid’s frame being strong enough without serious reinforcement.  Still, it’s hardly urgent – I only used the six seat capacity twice in the years that it was fitted and have only had one occasion since the capacity was reduce that six seats would have been beneficial.

The good news is that the new house will give me much more room for storage and workshop space, with a double garage and much larger and flatter driveway.  The bad news is that considerable time and expense will have to go into the new house and its garden…

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