July 2018, Old LRe Magazine Articles

It has been a while since I have had anything substantive to add.  I have a work trip to Stansted tomorrow, so I’ll be going to check on the 109 and giving it a short drive around the storage facility; I hope it fires up as easiy on previous visits, but it has now been […]

More Alps Photos from the Group

Sorry to the Brown and Furnell families for being so slow to upload these photos! The families kindly gave me a CD each of their photos of the trip at the Peterborough Land Rover show, and Peter also gave all of us DVD copies of the video footage that has been uploaded onto Youtube (the […]

Photos of the Alps trip by the group

For everyone on the trip, please send your best photos (of anything on the trip) to be included here – I’ll update this thread to show them all. Here are a couple Neil sent me of my 109, one climbing up the early stages towards the glacier, and the other in the descent through some […]

The Alps Trip Diary

Saturday 26 July (Day 1) Helena did the first day’s driving. We left Bedford at 0700, allowing an extra hour for the expected three hour drive to Dover, for the 1100 rendevous with the group. It didn’t take long for things to go awry, with a speeding caravanner loosing control and closing down the A1 […]

Meet the Participants

The trip was absolutely fantastic, in no small part due to the great people on it. There were a total of eight vehicles, including the two guide cars and our 109. Pete Girling was leading the tour in his Toyota with his partner, Jo Austing. Peter is a former teacher, which is where he must […]

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