Lightweight – a few jobs

I’m preparing the Lightweight for showing at Billing.  It’s the Lightweight Owners’ Club 21st birthday, and we’re hoping to be on the stand and take part in the club’s main arena display.  I have recently found an electrical fault; the batteries were not getting any charge at all from the generator.  The dash warning light […]

Lightweight Runs Well

A recap through the various posts on the Lightweight show that I forgot to update the engine issues. Ultimately, the poor running was due to incorrect ignition timing.  The problem is in using the static timing figures listed in the various manuals – they’re for 2 Star and 4 Star leaded petrol, not modern unleaded.  […]

Lightweight Tools

I have fitted the repainted tools to the tail gate and the refurbished antenna box to the right wing.  I’m still waiting for the second antenna and the rubber strip for the tailgate, but the strip is a 60 second job to fit and the antenna is only going to be wanted for the next […]

Lightweight Accessories

The Lightweight managed to attend Billing, displayed on the Lightweight Club stand on the Friday.  The engine worked well enough, though it didn’t seem terribly powerful, struggling to maintain 50 mph on some of the hills, but maybe that’s normal – I have become so used to Tdi performance from the 109 and RRC that […]

Lightweight’s First MoT

… well, with us, anyway. The engine is still not perfect, but fitting a standard 12V ignition system has made it entirely usable.  I thought the slight cough when pressing the throttle down hard and the mild poppling on the over-run were a combination of only rudimentary static timing from the book figures, a lack […]

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