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Our personal circumstances have changed considerably in the last few weeks, and so we are now looking for a new car for Helena.  Had events happened just a couple of months before they did, we’d still have a Lightweight in the garage, but such is life…

Helena has her heart set on a black TDCI (Puma) engined Defender 90 Station Wagon.  We’ve had a test drive, and she really liked the huge pull that these new models have – they have great performance for such a vehicle.  A TD5 might work for us too, but we need four seats for the family, and the TDCIs have much safer and more comfortable rear seats than the sideways facing seats of the TD5s – if we do go with the older model, the standard rear seats will be replaced by the Trakkers (Exmoor Trim) forward facing fold-up seats I used to have in the back end of the 109, re-covered to match the front seats, but while they would be significantly safer and more comfortable than what they replace, they are still hugely inferior to the TDCI rear seats.  The TDCI also has a much better heater than the TD5 and should be slightly more economical and in better condition, being younger.  It all depends on what we can find for a sensible price.

Helena did fancy having a black Patriot roof rack on it, but that’s not practical for its intended use – it’ll prevent parking in most urban car parks.  It also makes washing the car (which will, no doubt, be my job) a lot more difficult.  She wants it to be fitted with a Safari snorkel and devoid of chequer plate, at least in silver, , so I’m already lining up jobs for a vehicle we haven’t even found yet, let along bought!  The plan is that this vehicle will not need any work on it when bought, and that it will not be any kind of project; it’ll just be a daily driver, replacing the Range Rover while I finally get around to spending a couple of years doing a full rebuild and restoration on it to at least the same level as the 109, but without any mods other than fitting some genuine VogueSE spec extras.

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