Range Rover April 2014 Update

RR-fan-idler-fittedThe Range Rover engine is all but complete.  I just need to refit the injection pump and the timing belt before fitting the front cover and exterior pulleys and belts.  But the injection pump needs overhaul first, and since that isn’t cheap, it has to wait.  In the mean time, I attached the reworked front cover with the new belt inside for safe keeping and the gasket in place but unpinched, the cover bolts just finger tight.  With the cover in place, I attached the fan and pulley to the new idler shaft and the new air conditioning tensioner and idler pulleys.

RR-fan-idler-frontRR-fan-idler-rearRR-fan-idler-oldThe timing cover has been mildly modified so that the fan idler takes standard off-the-shelf bearings, rather than the special bearing unit used by LR (that requires replacement of the whole cover plate when they wear).  The machining of the bearing seats in the cover and the manufacture of a new shaft and flange came to £70, but for some reason the bearings were shockingly expensive, so the overall cost came out close to that of a new cover plate anyway.  At least next time it’ll be much cheaper to service and I also have a stronger shaft and less brittle fan pulley flange.  The photos show the old single bearing pack and broken flange (they’re very brittle) and the new shaft and flange fitted to the timing cover, the rear view showing the separate shaft clipped into the aft the two replaceable bearings.

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