Website update

A couple of people have reported some problems with multiple emails or notifications for the blog updates, so Helena has been looking through the system to try to find the fault (she’s a web designer and I’m no good at these things, so she sorts all of the blog’s technical issues out for me).  While reviewing the system, we were surprised at just how much the site has grown – not just the amount of content but also the number of people following it.  It’s now getting about 72,000 hits a year, mostly from regular visitors.

So, given your commitment to the site, it seems appropriate to update it not only technically but also in terms of features.  To that end, I’d like to invite everyone to fill out the suggestions form to put forward features that you’d like to see.  One thing I don’t want to do is a forum because it takes too much moderation and because there are already plenty of them about for all types of user.  Any other ideas, though, would be greatly appreciated and put through consideration.  You don’t have to attach your details to the form if you don’t want to, but none of it will be displayed on line anyway.

– Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions – hopefully we’ll be incorporating them all into the new site.


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