Brief Visit, Feb 2016

I had a fleeting visit to the UK (I requested a specific flight pair that meant I flew my folks down to Dubai personally), and used the 24 hours in the UK for a few tasks, including checking on the house and the 109.  The result is that both are fine.

I had arranged to meet the storage location owner at the facility and use the hire car to jump start the 109 – after standing for eight months, I had no expectation of there being any power in the battery.  Oddly, there was enough for the LED courtesy lights, and enough to bring the oil pressure and cold start warning lights on when I turned the key, but not enough to even move the starter’s solenoid, never mind turn the motor.

The Anderson socket fitted battery cables were always kept with the vehicle, so were ready for use.  Hooked up to the hire car’s battery (a Focus), the engine started instantly.  I really do mean instantly.  Not a second, not even half a second of cranking, but instantly.  That really surprised me.  It ran like it was still in daily use.

So, cables removed and restowed, hire car moved and parked, I drove the 109 out of its shed and around the compound for a couple of minutes, using all the main gears, overdrive and brakes, and exercising the steering from lock to lock.  All was fine, and the brakes and clutch didn’t even bind or squeal; they have no rust, so the shed is clearly doing a good job protecting the vehicles inside it.  The alternator pulley is squealing a bit more than it did previously, despite being clean (it has always been a bit noisy), so it will have to be replaced when I come home.  I think it is probably a bit worn inside the Vee.  The storage isn’t cheap, but I’m glad that I paid the extra for indoor storage – it seems to be keeping the 109 in very good order; it didn’t even have any dust on it.

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  1. Peter Wareham says:

    Have missed your regular e-mails Nick.Good to hear from you again.Hope you are enjoying your time in Dubai.I suffered a stroke eighteen months ago and although I am thankfully recovered now,my Series 3 is sadly neglected.

  2. That’s dreadful news, Peter. I’m very sorry to hear it. A friend and colleague suffered a bad stroke, so I have an idea of how devastating it can be. I wish you well with your recovery. What is your prognosis like?

  3. Neil Armstrong says:

    Hi Nick,

    It was good to catch up with you briefly when you were back on your flying visit, and it was good to hear that the old 109 started up without any problems.


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