109 Post Axle Fitting

Today I finished bleeding the brakes, adding the Discovery reservoir cap and level sensor to the existing brake failure warning circuit, and took the 109 for an inspection at my local MoT station for a thorough check of all the work.  The result was good with a very contented verdict.  The brake test, carried out […]

Front Axle Swap

Stating the obvious, the first thing to do was jack up the vehicle, remove the front wheels and then disconnect and remove the front axle.  A bit more complex than the rear axle, this means disconnecting the prop shaft (in this case completely removed), the two brake hoses and the steering drag link (again, completely […]

110 Rear Axle Fitted

Yep – I have finally made that leap. I chose now to do the axle swap because the kids are on school holidays, so I can use the RR for work and if Helena needs to go out while I’m working, she has the now more drivable Lightweight.  It means I can take my time […]

109 July 2012 Update

The 109 is going well at the moment, though a new small puddle under the off-side swivel housing seemed ominous.  The swivel seal had allowed EP90 to escape into the concertina rubber gaiter, and it was dripping out of a new small hole in the seam (the gaiter is glued at a joint at the […]

Fitting Alloys to a 200Tdi Salisbury Axle

I have the modified half shafts and stub axles back from Hogarth Engineering (aka Patriot roof racks).   They have been fitted to the hubs and a test fit of a wheel shows that they clear the centre cap, allowing full fitting of the wheel.  The cap shown in the photo is an old second hand […]

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