August 2013 Update

There hasn’t been much going on recently – I’ve been working too much and other things have been taking up the money anyway. The rebuilt head has cut down enormously on the oil loss suffered since I built up the Tdi engine in 2008.  It’s hard to say whether it is still using any – […]

Dropping the Diff Ratios – Salisbury

Though the 3.54 diffs in the coiler axles gave me much better cruising rpm and fuel economy (10%), they didn’t drive nicely and I strongly suspect they were a major contributory factor in the failure of the gear box.  So, I have replaced the rear 3.54 diff with a SIII 109’s  4.71 ratio diff.  The […]

109 Off the Road Again

A couple of nasty problems have cropped up.

109 New Axle Update

The new axles seem to be working well, with no worring noises or issues.  The steering is much more precise than before, with very little wander or down-camber pull, and it is a little lighter at low speed, though not quite as much as I’d hoped.  The turning circle is vastly improved, and braking is […]

Braking Sorted

I wasn’t happy at all with yesterdays braking tests, even though they were OK for the MoT.  A long drive this morning on deserted roads to bed the brakes in resulted in only the smallest improvement.

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