Cleaning Up the Wright OFF Road Trim

WOR mat cleaningOK, here’s a lesson to all of you – don’t use proprietary car cleaning products with silicone on car trim of light colour.  I used Autoglym vinyl care spray on the Wright OFF Road matting in the 109, and over the years it stained it a less attractive brown and gave it a fairly glossy sheen.  It did no harm other than to the looks, but you can see a side-by-side image of a clean and stained section in the photo.   I tried all sorts of things to clean it up, with a great deal of scrubbing involved.  In the end, the best way was using brake and clutch cleaner and a stiff brush.  From now on, it’ll only be cleaned with warm soapy water.  Incidentally, this is normally one section, the cut being an alteration I made to make access to the gear box filler easier, just in case anyone was curious or concerned at the split.

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  1. Thanks for this Nick, quite timely as I am about to wash my wifes WOR matting for the first time sicne it was fitted (two years ago!)

    PS. I haven’t been receiving email notifications of your recent new posts until this morning when I got an email about your new PAS bits. I came in to view that post and have seen many other new ones since the last notification I received. Not sure if there has been a problem with the subscriber emails?

  2. Ignore me, I just realised that you’d posted them all on the same day DOH

  3. I havent had many things to post of late, so it has been a bit quiet. There may be another magazine article coming up in the mid to near future though it is by no means confirmed.

  4. Wow, I’ve always rated Autoglym products in the past, works well on most things usually. Other than the slight issue, would you recommend WOR matts Nick?

  5. I rate both products highly, just not in conjunction!

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