Daylight view of the new Steering Wheel and Column

Just a little post for some clearer images of the completed interior work for the steering upgrade:

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  1. Hey Nick – one of these days you’ll forget which switch does what!

    Sometime could you take a photo of the dash and label every single switch and lamp and everything? I wonder if you have more controls than a light aircraft.

  2. There are a few. Working across the Mud console from left to right are:

    Left seat heat (off, low, high); roof spots; heated front screens; heated rear screen and wing mirrors; rear wash (spring loaded momentary push); rear wiper (off, intermittent, continuous); right seat heat (off, low, high). It also has the DAB stereo, CB, 2 DIN sockets, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge and brake system warning light.

    The main dash has two new guarded switches on the top (left is the master for the rear worklight, right is as yet unused but planed to be a master for camping lights on the underside of the roof rack), bottom left is the standard two speed fan for the heater, bottom right the redundant 3-position headlight switch replacing the old wash/wipe switch (will be used to trigger the interior lighting without opening a door on the first position, and the second may be used for puddle lights on each door). Behind the dash is the Smart-screen variable delay intermittent wiper unit with auto sweep on wash activation, all run by the standard switchgear.

    Above the right knee are the hazard lights, radiator fan and an unused switch.

    The new steering column has the Defender headlight/indicator stalk, wash/wipe stalk, main light switch and rear fog light switch.

    The fuel gauge is automatically connected to whichever of the three tanks is selected, and the reverse lights are also automatic (brake light switches used for all).

    So, certainly more than some light aircraft I have flown, especially the Jodel D112, DHC Chipmunk, DHC Tiger Moth and the gliders I tried!

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