Defender 90

And so the fleet grows again…

We have just bought Helena a December 2009 Defender 90.  I’s a black XS spec Station Wagon, so has all the trimmings and the good rear seats, and is in immaculate condition.  The only defects I could find were a failed indicator bulb and the first stages of a little surface rust inside the chassis’ high-lift jacking points.  Being a Land Rover Approved vehicle, it’ll be thoroughly checked and will have a full warranty, so will not need any work doing to it.

It has 27,000 miles on it, so isn’t even fully run in, and hasn’t been tampered with in any way – it’s even totally devoid of chequer plate!  The only optional extras on it are the tow pack and tubular side steps, which are ideal as Helena needs some sort of steps and these will protect the bodywork in carparks from other cars’ doors.

We’ll have the entire underside, door frames and bulkhead waxed as a matter of urgency to preserve the excellent condition, will fit the Mudstuff glove box conversion on the dash and, if the wiring isn’t too difficult, their wing mirror heaters (as fitted to the 109).  We’re also planning to replace the Brunell Silver painted grille and light surrounds with standard black plastic ones as neither of us like the silver parts, keeping the silver originals to one side.  We’re also leaning towards fitting Wolf style front light guards (but not at the rear) as they seem to mask the ugly protrusion of the rad grille on aircon equipped models.  We might fit a snorkel too, as Helena rather likes the modern, non-mushroom types like Safari or the new LR types.

I’ll post plenty of photos once it’s delivered.



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  1. NICE!
    And to think I brought Bronia expensive perfume etc for Christmas… You’ve spoilt Helena there mate.

    Getting the motor waxed is a good idea in my opinion, need to get mine done again next year. Had it done nearly four years ago by Chris Parkinson at ‘Before ‘n’ After’ and have had to touch up a few areas in preperation for this winter.

    I look forwards to seeing it in the flesh.



  2. It was her money, Neil!

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