Fitting Alloys to a 200Tdi Salisbury Axle

I have the modified half shafts and stub axles back from Hogarth Engineering (aka Patriot roof racks).   They have been fitted to the hubs and a test fit of a wheel shows that they clear the centre cap, allowing full fitting of the wheel.  The cap shown in the photo is an old second hand one with faded paint – the new caps are a good match with the wheels in daylight.

The shafts and flange noses were shortened and their outward spline interfaces heavily bevelled to allow a deep penetrating TIG weld.  They were also cross drilled and fitted with an interference fit pin to make the joints absolutely solid (a practice Hogarth use when carrying out a similar job on damaged or worn bus and coach shafts).  The combined shaft/flange units were then turned in a lathe to machine the ends and both sides of the flange, guaranteeing a perfect mating face with dead accurate alignment so that the shaft sits straight inside the axle with the flange perfectly parallel to the hub face, and ensuring the bolt heads sit squarely against the outside of the flange.  The weld was dressed so that the wheel centre caps can’t be touched and pressed out.

Now that the shafts are fitted, the flanges will be cleaned up and resprayed with matt black Rustoleum, as before. The shafts are now stronger than standard at that joint and can’t wear.  The only wear point will be the diff end splines, but a close look show they’re barely marked and their generous lubrication in service means they will continue to remain so.  These shafts should be good for a couple of hundred thousand miles at least.

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  1. try ofender alloys look on the net look like landrover wheels but fit 200tdi with rear drum brakes ,fit avon rangers ,look great ,and come with land rover center caps.

  2. Thanks for the tip.

    Thanks for the tip.

    They might work directly on older 90/110 hubs, and that would explain why they’ve been made an inch deeper than standard, but I think they’re an ugly wheel (as are most genuine LR alloys) and are too thick for ideal fitting of 7.50s or 235/85s. I have always liked the look of the 90SV and RRC CSK/LSE rims, so given the choice of a similar overall price for the wheels themselves, but effectively also with a full set of five near-new Hankook ATs for my RRC, the extra work to get the wheels to fit the rear axle is worth it.


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