Gear Box OK

The gear box is now working correctly, and not before time.  It has been a very severe source of frustration!  The main shaft splines are a bit worn, and i suspect the overdrive coupling’s corresponding splines are also similarly affected, giving a small amount of backlash.  It’ll be alright for a few years yet, but it’ll need attention eventually.  What I’ll do at the point is uncertain.  I’m leaning towards a short nosed R380 and Ashcroft mating kit to connect it to the existing transfer box, with 4.1:1 diffs, but the possibility of fitting a Range Rover’s automatic box and Borg Warner transfer box  has its appeal – its down side is that it would need some alterations to the chassis’ cross members.

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  1. Hi Nick,

    I was glad to hear that the box was back in and behaving itself mate. Let’s hope it remains trouble free for a good while yet.


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