Gear Box Running Well

I have only had it back in for a couple of days, so it has only covered about 50 miles so for, but the box seems to be working correctly.  I need to tweak the position of the overdrive lever mounting bracket, as it occasionally rattles against the box casing, but other than that, it seems fine.  I checked the oil level today and it’s not lost any – the outside of the transmission is nice and dry and the dipsticks showed the same levels as when I first filled them on completion of their refit.  I have detailed a gear box rebuild on here before, so no pictures or detail this time!

Driving the 109 again after getting more used to Helena’s 90 shows how over-geared it is with the 3.54 diffs.  I’m driving it very carefully at the moment, not using the overdrive unless in 4th, to avoid stressing the transmission until the original 4.71 ratio diffs are fitted, but acceleration really is not what it should be.  I remember how Pete Girling (Atlas Overland) commented on how well the 109 pulled on the ALps trip, because of its low overall gearing, so it’ll be nice to have that low end grunt again, even at the cost of a few mpg.  SO, that will be next weekend’s work for me – fitting the 4.71 diff to the Salisbury axle.  This is a tricky task, so I’ll allow several days for it and will take plenty of photos for a write-up.  Once that is done, the front diff swap should be pretty simple.  The speedo will have to be sent to JDO for recalibration again, back to the standard settings.

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  1. Happy to hear that the gearbox is back in and working well with no leaks. have fun with the swapping of the differentials mate.

    Need to drop the transfer box on the Td5 as oil is leaking past the o-ring on the intermediate shaft ,but the more pressing job to be done in the week is fitting a new challis and seal before I run out of one-shot grease.

    I’ve got hold of a pair of the seatbelt protection sleeves this week for you mate.



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