Getting Noticed

reflector-bullbar-dayreflector-side-dayWith the long dark nights and wet weather of winter, it seemed a good idea to do something to make the car a bit more easily visible at night.  While the wheels are painted silver and the side sills have been left bare in their galvanised coat, the black paint makes the vehicle harder to spot in poor light conditions than many other vehicles, especially from the front where only the minor reflections from the headlights and the winch fairlead gave any chance of being seen when parked.

reflector-bullbar-nightreflector-side-nightSo, a little look on ebay showed the options of reflective tape.  I had been considering applying silver reflective tape to the side sills, but when I saw the black tape, it seemed to have more benefits as it would allow more discrete application on the front of the vehicle and also the sides of the Sankey trailer after it is painted overall black.

Not the cheapest stuff in the world, I decided to go for six metres of 50mm (2″) black reflective tape.  This cost me close to £20, but of course the results may save much, much, more.

I have applied the tape to the full length of the sills, the vertical sections of the bull bar ends and the bumper, all the way from the Dixon Bate tow pintles to the ends.  I have enough left over to do each full side of the Sankey trailer from wheel arch to front and rear corners, leaving about an inch or two of tape  (that will get used on the front end of the A-frame, just below the towing eye, to make the front end obvious when unhitched).

reflector-tapess-nightThe tape is a charcoal-black during the day, with a gunmetal grey sheen when the light catches it, so it fails to completely blend in on the bull bar and bumper, but is not noticeable unless you look closely.  The sills now have a black “go faster” stripe, an may have looked a little better with silver tape, but they look fine like this.   At night, though, when light is shone on it, it is very effective.  Hopefully, the photos speak for themselves.

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  1. Ashley Hiscock says:

    Mate, that is one of the best mods I’ve ever seen. My landy never looks as pretty as yours, and usually has a liberal coating of mud on it. And one thing thats always bothered me is whats gonna happen at night if someone doesn’t see it parked, especially up at the missues house.

    Big thanks for this article. Any chance you could tell us where you got it from?

  2. Hi Ashley,

    I got the tape from an ebay trader called “bitfooky”. It arrived promptly and in perfect condition, so though the tape is not cheap, I can recommend the trader’s service.

    I have used the remaining tape on the near completed Sankey – I’ll post some pictures of that soon.

    Thanks for following the blog,


  3. Ashley Hiscock says:

    Been following it for a while. Got a 110 CSW Defender. Used some of your ideas on that as this is one of the most unique land rovers I’ve ever seen.


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