Goodbye to the LIghtweight

A hard decision was made to sell Helena’s Lightweight, and a buyer approached us before it was even formally up for sale.  In preparation, I removed the rocker cover and, in sequence, removed each head bolt for cleaning, light oiling and re-torquing before resetting all the tappet clearances.  A few of the tappets were too tight, so all were reset.  The test drive with the new owner suggested the chuffing experienced on the run to and from Billing was gone and that engine performance had been restored.

The new owner was very pleased with his inspection of the vehicle.  I am happy to say he seems intent on preserving the originality and condition of the vehicle and using it as a classic fun car rather than a trialler or basis for a modified vehicle.  We were very sad to see it go, but it was a drain on resources needed for the other two vehicles and wasn’t getting as much attention as it deserved either.  Hopefully, we’ll get another similar vehicle in the future, or maybe even buy this one back, but between now and then, we wish the new owner the same enjoyment we had form it.

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  1. Sorry that the lightweight had to go mate, but glad to hear it’s gone to a good home. Happy to hear that the rough running has been sorted finally, even if you didn’t get the benefit of it. Lets hope you get a lightweight back in your fleet soon. Just don’t buy the one I’m after getting for my next project!


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