July 2016

I am back in the UK with the family for a not so summery holiday.  It’s easy to forget how changeable the weather is here!

I have been to check on the 109 and to give it a quick drive around the compound in all gear combinations to splash the oil about and prevent seizures.  The news was good – it fired up instantly again despite standing so long and having fuel over a year old, though the battery is of course drained and needing a jump start.  The fan belt squealed a bit at first, and I think the alternator bearings have been suspect for a while (since before I left for the Middle East), but everything worked exactly as it should, including the washer pumps, wipers, power steering and brakes.  In fact, the only thing amiss was the stereo having lost its settings, its display flashing in rapidly changing colours (and lots of them) in its demonstration mode.  It’s even still clean and shiny.  So, I’m very pleased at paying that bit extra for indoor storage.  It did seem a strange surprise at how cramped the driving position felt, though; after twenty three years of driving it, the last fifteen months were the only extended period of not driving a Land Rover, and getting used to a larger, more modern 4wd car has spoiled me.

I’m heading down to the Westcountry in a few days to see extended family, so will get a chance to see the Range Rover Classic spec Borg Warner transfer case and 200Tdi flex-plate/torque converter housing that were delivered to my brother’s house, and maybe go to collect the Discovery 200Tdi spec ZF22 automatic gear box that I have bought for the 109 if my brother has enough space with the other bits.  I’d be glad to have it all stored together out of harms way if it can be arranged.

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  1. Neil Armstrong says:

    Hi Nick,

    Welcome back to sunny Blighty mate, I hope you enjoy your time in the West Country catching up with family.

    Good news to hear that the 109 hasn’t suffered from being stored in your absence and fired up without a fuss.

    I look forwards to catching up with you again soon.



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